Historical Figure
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Date of Birth: 6th century
Date of Death: 613
Cause of Death: Unknown
Religion: Christianity
Occupation: General, later a monk
Spouse: Domentzia
Relatives: Phokas (father-in-law)
Fictional Appearances:
Fantasy set in OTL(?)
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

Priscus (Priskos, Πρῖσκος, died 613) was a leading general of the Byzantine Empire during the reigns of Emperors Maurice, Phocas, and Herakleios. Priscus comes across as an effective and capable military leader, although contemporary sources are markedly biased in his favor. Under Maurice, he distinguished himself in the campaigns against the Avars and their Slavic allies in the Balkans. After the failure of the 611–612 campaign against the Persians, he was dismissed and tonsured. He died shortly after.

Priscus in Thessalonica[]

General Priscus' need for additional troops against the Avars and Slavs siphoned off manpower from Thessalonica and other provincial Greek cities. With the departure of all professional troops to the primary theater of war, only semi-regular militias remained behind to defend the homeland.[1]


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