Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Krolp
Occupation: Diplomat

Prilk was a Krolp diplomat. Fifty years after the Krolp invaded Earth, and reduced the United States and Canada to small rump states west of the Rocky Mountains and the Wasatch Range, Prilk was sent as an envoy to the U.S. to demand access to silver and a small amount of gold deposits located miles below the surface of northeastern Utah. This effectively voided the treaty between the Krolp and the United States. President Harris Moffatt III met with Prilk. Although Moffatt asserted the rights of the U.S. and refused to let the Krolp mine for the silver and gold since he knew with the Krolp's minning techniques, which would have probably leave the remaining part of his two countries uninhabitable, Prilk promised Moffatt that the U.S. could not stop the Krolp from taking the silver and gold. Moreover, Prilk showed Moffatt a document from the Krolp's overlord, which approved the taking.

Prilk allowed Moffatt a day to contemplate the Krolp's demands. Moffatt decided to fight, and Prilk, disgusted, took his leave.

Like all Krolp, Prilk considered humans beneath contempt. He found Moffatt's efforts to assert U.S. sovereignty amusing and insulting at the same time.