The President of the Confederate States of America was the Head of State and Head of Government of the Confederate States. The only person to hold the office was Jefferson Davis. He was President from February 18, 1861, to May 5, 1865, and his Vice President was Alexander Stephens. Neither the office nor the country was recognized by any foreign government. At the end of the American Civil War, the office ceased to exist.

Much of the President's role was similar to that of the United States president, but with some differences. The CS President was only allowed to serve one six-year term without reelection and was given the power of line-item veto, being able to veto certain parts of bill while signing the rest into law.

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The Guns of the South

After General Robert E. Lee led the Confederate States to victory during the Second American Revolution, he became the popular choice to succeed Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederate States.

President Term Party Vice President
1 Jefferson Davis JeffDavis.jpg 1861-1868 None Alexander Stephens
2 Robert E. Lee Lee2.jpg 1868-end of novel Confederate Party Albert Gallatin Brown

Southern Victory

The President was the executive officer in the Confederate States. From 1861 to 1939, the President was elected every six years and sworn in March 4 of the following year. Originally, the Confederate Constitution limited presidents to one term in office. Burton Mitchel served for almost two full terms because he succeeded Wade Hampton V after Hampton's assassination, and then ran for election in his own right. During Jake Featherston's term in office, a constitutional amendment passed allowing a president to serve more than one term, and Featherston was easily reelected. There was never another presidential election after 1939.

Upon the Confederacy's defeat at the end of the Second Great War in 1944, and the death of Featherston, Don Partridge became president long enough to officially surrender the country. Once this act was completed, the office of President of the Confederate States ceased to exist.

President Term Party Vice President
1 Jefferson Davis JeffDavis.jpg 1861-1868 Whig Alexander Stephens
2-3 All Unknown 1868-1880 Whig
4 James Longstreet JLongstreet.jpg 1880-1886 Whig Lucius Q.C. Lamar
5-8 All Unknown 1886-1910 Whig
9 Woodrow Wilson WoodrowWilson.jpg 1910-1916 Whig Gabriel Semmes
10 Gabriel Semmes Nophoto.jpg 1916-1922 Whig Unknown
11 Wade Hampton V Nophoto.jpg March-June, 1922 Whig Burton Mitchel
(Ascended to presidency)
12 Burton Mitchel Nophoto.jpg June, 1922-March, 1934 Whig Vacancy
13 Jake Featherston Featherston.jpg March, 1934-July, 1944 Freedom Willy Knight
March, 1934-December, 1938
December, 1938-March, 1940
Don Partridge
March, 1940-July, 1944
(Ascended to presidency)
14 Don Partridge Nophoto.jpg July 7-14, 1944 Freedom Vacancy
  • One Confederate President was named Lee. However, there are reasons to believe that this person was not Robert E. Lee, who is otherwise the obvious choice. Nor is there any information as to whether this President Lee served before or after Longstreet.

"Must and Shall"

Jefferson Davis was the only President of the Confederate States, serving until the Great Rebellion was finally suppressed, and the office and the Confederacy itself were abolished.

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