Premier of Palestine
Fictional Character
"Next Year in Jerusalem"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct (via holovid), unnamed
Nationality: Palestine
Religion: Islam
Date of Birth: 22nd century
Occupation: Prime Minister of Palestine

The Premier of Palestine was a man with black hair and a like-colored beard. When he appeared on the holovid, he wore make-up that made him seem 10 years younger than he really was. After terrorists of the Second Irgun went on a murder spree in his nation, he gave a speech in Arabic in which he declared: "I am confident my Jewish citizens will obey the laws in the same way and to the same degree as their Muslim neighbors. We do not fear foreign terrorists, not in the slightest." He then repeated the same speech in Hebrew, much to the anger of Yakov, one of the murderers, who was watching the broadcast in an Irgun safe house. Yakov felt dirty upon hearing his language in the mouth of this hated enemy.[1]


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