Battle of Pottstown Pier, aka Battle of Sheol
Part of Detinan Civil War
Location Franklin Province, Detina
Result Southron victory
Southron Detina Northern Detina
Commanders and leaders
Bart Sidney the War Unicorn
Peegeetee of Goodlook
Thraxton the Braggart

The Battle of Pottstown Pier, aka the Battle of Sheol[1] was fought in Franklin Province, Detina, during the second year of the Civil War. General Bart commanded the southron forces and won an astounding victory over the previously unbeatable northern Army of Franklin. The northern commander Sidney the War Unicorn was killed due to an insidiously dire crossbow wound, and his command was taken over by Marquis Peegeetee of Goodlook. Thraxton the Braggart also played a prominent role in the battle.

Literary Comment[]

The Battle of Pottstown Pier, or Sheol, is analogous to the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, or Shiloh, in the American Civil War. Both Shiloh and Sheol are Hebrew names. Shiloh means peace, while Sheol means death, commonly used figuratively to mean Hell. While many American Civil War battles had two popular names, for a Detinan Civil War battle to use this convention is apparently unique.