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Port Clements is an incorporated village (pop. 440) situated at the east end of Masset Inlet in Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) off the coast of the Province of British Columbia in Canada. The village was and still is to a lesser extent the centre of the remaining logging on northern Graham Island. In this community 29.2% of the labour force works in the forest industry.

Port Clements in The Two Georges[]

Port Clements was a village of 500 people on the east side of Masset Inlet on the Queen Charlotte Islands. The main source of employment was a sawmill which was the biggest building in town.

In 1995, Colonel Thomas Bushell drove to Port Clements with two squads of Royal Marines. There they boarded HMS Grampus to cross the inlet to get to Buckley Bay and apprehend four suspected Sons of Liberty.