Pope Martin I
Pope Martin I.jpg
Historical Figure
Nationality: Italy, Byzantine Empire
Date of Birth: Between 590 and 600
Date of Death: 655
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: Cleric
Political Office(s): Pope
Fictional Appearances:
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference

Martin I (d. 16 September 655) was pope from 649 to 655. Martin I was a critic of Monothelites, and condemned their leaders in writing. He incurred the wrath of Byzantine Emperor Constans II, who ordered Martin kidnapped and brought to Constantinople. Martin was imprisoned for a time, and then exiled to Kherson, in present-day Ukraine, where he died in 655.

He was canonized for his suffering.

Martin I in Justinian[]

In his memoir, Justinian II described his grandfather's seizure and exile of Pope Martin I and Maximus the Confessor. Justinian was also exiled to Kherson during the course of his life. He concluded from that experience that Constans II must have been a hard man indeed to send both Martin and Maximus there.[1]

Both Maximus and Pope Martin were vindicated at the Third Council of Constantinople. However, when those present wanted to then anathemize Herakleios and Constans II, Justinian II, then not yet twelve, loudly forbade the bishops from doing so.[2]

Justinian attempted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps when he demanded the seizure of Sergios I. His efforts were unsuccessful.[3]

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