Battle of Poor Richard
Part of Detinan Civil War
Location Poor Richard, Franklin Province, Detina
Result Southron victory
Southron Detina Northern Detina
Commanders and leaders
John the Lister Bell
Patrick the Cleaver

Poor Richard was a city in Franklin Province. Toward the end of the Detinan Civil War, "King" Geoffrey's Army of Franklin attempted to retake Franklin Province from King Avram's forces. Under General Bell's incompetent leadership, the Army of Franklin was devastated by John the Lister's men, and the Franklin death toll included six brigadiers.

Literary comment[]

Poor Richard, Franklin and its battle are based on Franklin, Tennessee and its American Civil War battle. "Poor Richard" was a column written by Benjamin Franklin, the man for whom the real-world Franklin city is named. Within the Detinan metaphor, the name "Franklin" is reassigned to the entire province analogous to Tennessee.