Pomphret Landing was a city in the State of Croydon, United States of Atlantis. It was the site of two battles against Britain in two separate wars.

During the final months of the Atlantean War of Independence, British general Charles Cornwallis intended to make a stand against Atlantean Victor Radcliff at Pomphret Landing. The British blew up all the bridges that crossed the Pomphret, making it difficult for the Atlanteans and their French allies to attack the town.[1] Radcliff proposed that French engineers, by the light of the full-moon, make a show of building a bridge in one spot.[2] Radcliff himself made a point of showing himself to British scouts.[3] Convinced that their enemies were determined to bridge the river at this location, the British made sure to have sufficient troops at this spot, while other French engineers successfull bridged it further east, routing the British.[4] They held Pomphret Landing proper long enough to allow a retreat east.[5]

A generation later, during the War of 1809, British ships bombarded Pomphret Landing, and Royal Marines actually burned the town to the ground, killing anyone who didn't escape.[6]


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