Pittman's Ferry was a town in Atlantis. During the Atlantean War of Independence, it was occupied by British troops. That fort was the third to fall to General Victor Radcliff's winter campaign. Initially, Radcliff feared that the fort would be difficult, as British picketers had seen the Atlanteans approach, and some were able to escape and warn the fort's captain. However, the captain ignored them, refusing to believe that any campaigning would take place during the winter.

Radcliff and his men approached with caution, certain that the British would be waiting. Even during early reconisance, Radcliff and his cavalry commander, Habakkuk Biddiscombe, were uncertain as to whether the British knew they were coming and simply biding their time, or whether the Atlanteans were stumbling into a trap. As it happened, the Atlanteans took the fort with ease.

The captain in charge of the fort was astonished. Realizing his career was doomed once he was paroled, he initially offered to his services to the Atlanteans. When Radcliff declined, the captain then asked for Radcliff to leave him in a locked room with a pistol. Radcliff again declined.

With Pittman's Ferry in Atlantean hands, Radcliff had a clear path to the sea.

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