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Historical Figure
Nationality: Athens
Date of Birth: c. 576 BC
Date of Death: Unknown
Religion: Greek pantheon
Occupation: Amateur actor
Fictional Appearances:
"Goddess for a Day"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Relatives: Unnamed brother

Phye was a young woman who dressed as the goddess Athena and rode with Peisistratos into Athens, on an occasion in the mid 6th century BC. The people of Athens believed Athena supported Peisistratos' bid for the office of tyrant. This story was recounted in the 5th century BC by the historian Herodotus, who stated that he was uncertain as to its veracity.

Phye in "Goddess for a Day"[]

Phye was the daughter of a farmer from Paiania. She was a tall young woman, and physically imposing, traits which made her an ideal candidate for Peisistratos' plan to reclaim his position as tyrannos of Athens. Phye agreed to play the part of the goddess Athena and ride into Athens with Peisistratos, while publically granting him "divine" patronage.[1] After Phye convinced the people, a raucous celebration erupted.[2] Phye was sent to the temple on the Akropolis, with Peisistratos' promise that he would bring her more conventional clothing so she could leave.[3]

While in the temple, Phye heard another person playing the flutes. Pursuing the sound, Phye discovered a satyr named Marsyas. Marsyas also believed that Phye was Athena, claiming Athena had given him his flutes. Marsyas sought sexual intercourse with Phye, with or without her consent. Phye responded by kneeing Marsyas in the groin, while still wearing her armor. She then kicked Marsyas in the buttocks to send him on his way.[4] As she did this, Phye thought she heard a voice say "That was well done."[5]

A little while later, someone finally arrived to give Phye her clothes.[6]


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