Phos' Holy Scriptures contained the collected wisdom of the god of light. Among other things, they defined the nature of the battle against the dark god Skotos.

Some passages of scripture:

Now at the beginning the two gods declared their nature, the good and the evil, in thought and word and deed. And between the two, the wise men choose well - not so the foolish. (Chapter 30, verse 3.)[1]

If you understand the commands of the good god has given, all hereafter will be for the best: well-being and suffering, the one for the just, the other for the wicked. Then in the end shall Skotos cease to flourish, while those of good life shall reap the promised reward and bask forevermore in the blessed light of the lord with the great and good mind. (Chapter 30.)[2]

But he who rejects Phos, he is a creature of Skotos, who in the sight of the evil one is best. (Chapter 46.)[3]

He who seeks to destroy for whatever cause, he is a son of the creator of evil, and an evildoer to mankind. Righteousness do I call to me to bring good reward. (Chapter 51).[4]


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