Philistinian captain
Fictional Character
"Occupation Duty"
POD: c. 1000 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Philistinia
Date of Birth: 20th century
Religion: Dagonist polytheism
Occupation: Soldier

A Philistinian captain suspected a grocer in Hierosolyma of being a Sword Buddhist agent of the Turks of Babylonia. The grocer denied it, claiming to be Chemoshyatti, a long time Moabite resident of Hierosolyma. The captain held him at rifle-point while he searched the grocery shop and found tracts advocating insurrection in the cash drawer of his register. He then shouted for Philistinian soldiers nearby to come to his aid.

During this, the grocer continued to look meek and sorry for himself. This did not fool the captain who kept close watch and made the grocer keep his distance. When the soldiers began to arrive, the grocer flung himself at the captain but failed to reach him. The captain quickly fired a four-round burst into his chest, killing him. The grocer recited a Sword Buddhist mantra as he died, confirming the captain's suspicions.[1]


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