Philippe Bonaparte
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. mid-1760s
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: France
Date of Birth: c. 1940
Occupation: Diplomat, Spy
Relatives: Napoleon Bonaparte (ancestor)

Le Comte Philippe Bonaparte was the Franco-Spanish Holy Alliance's ambassador to the North American Union in the 1990s, until 1995. Bonaparte helped finance the Sons of Liberty's conspiracy to steal The Two Georges and assassinate King-Emperor Charles III of Britain. While he enjoyed the prospect of humiliating the British Empire, Bonaparte was not as favourable to the idea of regicide. He did provide subtle hints about the plot to Thomas Bushell of the Royal American Mounted Police, the investigator in charge of recovering the painting, but felt that his duty to his country mandated that he help see the plot to the end.

When the plot was thwarted, Bushell accompanied Governor-General Sir Martin Luther King to personally inform Bonaparte that he had 48 hours to leave the NAU.

Bonaparte was a descendant of Lieutenant Colonel Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Army commander who suppressed the attack on the Bastille during the reign of King Louis XVI.