Peter Delahanty
Fictional Character
The R-Strain
Set in the future of OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Biologist, Engineer, Executive
Affiliations: Genetic Enterprises

Peter Delahanty was the head of a biotech company named Genetic Enterprises.

He held a press conference to present his company's latest product: a genetically engineered pig that was a ruminant, hence the name "R-Strain". This meant that the R-strain would absorb more nutrients from it's feed since "cud crewing" allowed better digestion. As a consequence, the pigs would gain weight faster and could be brought to market sooner, earning the farmers a bigger return.

The press conference went well, with Delahanty answering all questions since none were unexpected. One reporter asked how the farmer would make more income since Genetic Enterprises would charge more for the R-strain. Delahanty was ready with charts showing the break-even for farmers would be selling pigs to market after three and a half months. Another asked if they would interbreed with regular pigs but Delahanty indicated that the genetic changes were too great for offspring to be produced. He also indicated that the R-strain would thrive at least as well as regular pigs in Third World conditions since they were more efficient ruminants.

Finally, a reporter asked how the meat tasted. Delahanty smiled and indicated a buffet table with chops and hams for the reporters to try. As the press conference broke up, a cameraman waved his hand indicating he had a question. Stan Jacoby asked something unexpected that stumped Delahanty. Since the R-strain chewed its cud, was it kosher?

Not knowing the answer, Delahanty contacted an acquaintance who might know, one Rabbi Aaron Kaplan.