Pete Lundquist
Fictional Character
POD: 1949
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1920s
Occupation: Soldier, Author of Fiction
Spouse: Katherine Lundquist
Children: Carl, Wayne
Affiliations: United States Army (World War II)

Pete Lundquist (born 1923) was a science fiction writer living in California in 1953. His works were frequently published in a magazine called Astonishing. He'd grown fond of the work of a writer named Mark Gordian. However, upon reading a story called "Reactions", Lundquist realized that Gordian was somehow a plagiarist, as "Reactions" was a story that Lundquist himself was in the process of writing.[1]

Lundquist alerted Astonishing publisher Jim McGregor by mail. McGregor was initially skeptical until he saw Lundquist's initial ideas for the story. They agreed to meet in Gardena and track down Gordian.[2] As Lundquist and McGregor talked before the meeting, Lundquist became convinced that Gordian was a time traveler.[3] When Lundquist and McGregor met Gordian, they were surprised to learn that she was a woman named Michelle.[4] She confirmed that she was indeed a time traveler from the 1980s and that the stories that she wrote were either variations of events from the future, such as the novel Watergate, or other writers' works which had yet to be published. Gordian claimed that her primary purpose in going back in time was to prevent what she saw as a decline in logical thinking and an appreciation for science in her own world.[5]

Lundquist and McGregor left, promising to keep Gordian's secret.[6] Subsequently, Lundquist, intrigued by Gordian, returned to her place. Gordian surprised him by coming on to him. Lundquist, thinking of his wife Katherine, refused her advances.[7]


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