Fictional Character
A World of Difference
POD: c 4,500,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: AD 1976
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Minerva
Nationality: Omalo clan
Occupation: Mate
Spouse: Reatur

Peri was a Minervan mate from Reatur's mating chamber. She was a particularly immature mate who had an antagonistic relationship with Lamra. The two once fought over a ball, and Lamra was about to win the fight by tying Peri's arms together when Reatur interrupted them. He sent Peri away while keeping Lamra near him to tell her that, as a more mature person than Peri, she had an obligation to behave herself better.

After Lamra survived the budding process, Peri was disgusted by Lamra's appearance while the massive wounds the budlings had opened healed and even more so by the idea of a mate defying her fate. She led the other mates in ostracizing Lamra. When Reatur learned of this he severely disciplined her, then permitted Lamra to leave the mates' chamber and granted her access to his entire domain.