Perdiccas II of Macedon
Perdiccas II Coin.jpg
Historical Figure
Nationality: Macedon
Date of Birth: 5th Century BCE
Date of Death: 413 BCE
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Greek pantheon
Occupation: Monarch
Parents: Alexander I; unknown mother
Spouse: Unknown
House: Agread
Political Office(s): King of Macedon
Fictional Appearances:
"The Daimon"
POD: 415 BCE
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

Perdiccas II (Greek: Περδίκκας Β΄) was a king of Macedon from about 448 BCE to about 413 BCE. He was the second son of Alexander I. Alexander I was succeeded by his eldest son, Alcetas II in 454 BCE, but his reign was marked by the dissolution of of the allegiance of the various Macedonian tribes to the king. After six years, Alcetas was killed by his nephew. Perdiccas then took the throne, and set about playing the various city-states of Ancient Greece off of each other while shoring up his own power. He made and broke alliances with Athens and Sparta throughout the Peloponnesian War. Despite numerous threats to his own power, including from his own brother, Perdiccas retained power until his death.

Perdiccas II in "The Daimon"[]

Despite Macedonia's support of Alkibiades' seizure of Athens and his proposed war on Persia, Alkibiades saw Perdikkas as nothing but a hill bandit who squabbled with other hill bandits, and resolved not to use the Macedonians in the invasion of Persia in any major way.[1]


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Royal offices
Preceded by
Alcetas II
King of Macedon
448–413 BC
Succeeded by
Archelaus I