Fictional Character
"Leg Irons, the Bitch and the Wardrobe"
by Laura Frankos
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Leffing
Occupation: King
Children: Louizza

Pennilvath was the King of Leffing. Sometime after Pennilvath led his kingdom to victory in two wars, his daughter Princess Louizza declared her intention to be an actress in the Combined Kingdoms' Dramatic Festival. Pennilvath assigned Cammek, winner of two Perrie Awards, to direct Louizza in Away We Go, a fluffy melodrama written by a royal cousin.

Cammek found that Louizza was unsuited to the particular role assigned to her, and that other personalities in the cast were clashing, and so attempted to flee the country. Royal guards intercepted him and brought him to the throne room. Pennilvath sentenced Cammek to resume directing the play as a form of hard labor, intimating that if Cammek did a less than stellar job, he would be decapitated.

Cammek worked vigorously to craft a presentable play for Louizza to star in. Louizza's bodyguard Tip-lea-pon stepped in and did major rewrites to the play, turning it into a musical comedy, a genre hitherto unknown in Leffing.

The play debuted to a crowded house. The performance went on smoothly. Although a disgruntled theatre diva named Polsiee made an attempt on Louizza's life, the play was not disrupted and the audience cheered. Pennilvath was delighted with the result, and praised Cammek for turning Louizza's debut into a glorious victory.