Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Kuusamo
Occupation: Mage, Educator
Spouse: Leino (deceased)
Children: Uto
Professional Affiliations: Kajaani City College

Pekka was a Kuusaman mage during the Derlavaian War. In her researches into the basic principles of magic, she discovered a revolutionary principle, and became one of the leading researchers in the project to develop a super-weapon based on this principle, to her surprise being accepted as an equal by Ilmarinen and Siuntio, the greatest theoretical mages of their age. Eventually she assumed direction of massive secret project where the weapon was completed.

Pekka was married to fellow mage Leino at the beginning of the war. However, his own research project took him away from Kuusamo for a lengthy period. Pekka in the meantime, began a close working relationship with Lagoan mage Fernao, which soon blossomed into a romantic attraction. Leino's death in a battle against Algarve allowed Pekka to follow her heart.

Yet at the same time, Pekka gave her all to developing the most fearsome weapon her world has ever seen with the best of motives: the apprehension that Algarvians may have found it first and the urgent need to find a "clean" counterbalance to the Algarvian "Special Magecraft". Upon its completion, she, Fernao, and Illmarinen used the weapon, releasing enormous sorcerous energy upon the Gyongyosian capital Gyorvar, killing in a single instant all its inhabitants, including tens of thousands of other mothers and their children. As a mage, she could actually feel the anguish and death of her victims.

Immediately afterwards, she and Fernao married and settled down to domestic bliss in a nice provincial town, apparently not too deeply haunted by what they had done.

Editorial note[]

"Pekka", like other Kuusaman names, is taken from Finnish. To non-Finnish readers, it is a plausible woman's name, but actually it is a typical male name, the Finnish equivalent to "Peter" (the female version should be "Pekki").