Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist
Historical Figure
Nationality: Germany (born in Prussia)
Date of Birth: 1881
Date of Death: 1954
Cause of Death: Heart failure
Occupation: Soldier
Military Branch: Imperial German Army (World War I),
Wehrmacht (World War II)
Fictional Appearances:
"Ready for the Fatherland"
POD: February 19, 1943>
Type of Appearance: Direct
Affiliations: Wehrmacht (WWII)

Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist (8 August 1881 – 13 November 1954) was a leading German field marshal during World War II. He participated in Germany's invasions of Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, and the Soviet Union. He was captured by the Allies in 1945, and turned over to the Soviet Union, where he was tried and convicted for war crimes. He died in a prison camp in 1954.

Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist in "Ready for the Fatherland"

Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist was present when German Führer Adolf Hitler arrived in the Eastern Front on 19 February 1943 to oversee a planned offensive. Much like his colleague Erich von Manstein, Kleist did not believe the offensive would work, but was too frightened of Hitler to say so.[1] Like everyone else present, Kleist was surprised when Manstein shot Hitler dead after Hitler had called Manstein a Jew. Kleist quickly sided with Manstein, pulling his gun and covering Hitler's henchmen, Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keitel.[2]


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