Patriot Party
Fictional Political Party
The Guns of the South
Leader: Nathan Bedford Forrest,
Louis Wigfall
Political Ideology: Nationalism, Confederalism, States' Rights, Pro-Slavery
Political Position: Center-right
Affiliations: America Will Break

The Patriot Party was one of two political parties established in the Confederate States after the Second American Revolution. It was created in response to Robert E. Lee's stated goal of ending slavery in the country. The Patriot Party was backed by America Will Break, and publically centered on Confederate cavalry general Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest was the Patriot Party's nominee for the presidency in 1867, running with Louis Wigfall on a platform that promised the slavery in perpetuity. The election was hard fought, but the Patriot Party ultimately lost to the Confederate Party by a thin margin.

Despite the revelation of America Will Break's plans for the Confederacy, the Patriot Party did continue on as the loyal opposition to President Lee's plans, with Wigfall as one of its most visible leaders.