Pardraya is a vast, largely desolate plain extending for much of the width of the known world. Beginning north and east of the lands that made up the Empire of Videssos, it stretched on west so far that no man knew where it ended. The climate is not suitable for farming but the plain supports massive herds and flocks of various animals, which in turn supported the nomadic tribes of the Khamorth and Arshaum.

It was once inhabited by the Shnorhali, but they were displaced when the Khamorth invaders arrived and took over Pardraya. The Empire of Videssos held an outpost called Prista on a peninsula jutting from southern Pardraya out into the Videssian Sea. The Arshaum invaded the westernmost part of Pardraya, west of the Mylasa River (renamed the Shaum River) and took it for their own.

After the arrival of Marcus Aemilius Scaurus's Legion, the plain of Pardraya saw a large battle between the forces of Varatesh, under the control of Avshar, and an alliance of Khamorth clans under the Wolves led by Targitaus. The battle ended in victory when Avshar used sorcerous fire to trap most of the allied warriors. Thereafter the steppes were ruled by the outlaws, until the Arshaum moved through on the way to Yezd and crushed the outlaw army in a second battle. 

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