Pakor the Dihqan
Fictional Character
"The Banner of Kaviyan"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Persian
Religion: Zoroastrianism
Occupation: Dihqan
Children: Shahin
Relatives: Pakor the Elder (grandfather)

Pakor was the dihqan of Gomishan and commonly referred to as Pakor the Dihqan to distinguish him from his grandfather who had the same name.[1]

One day, the Dihqan assigned a troop of soldiers to his son Shahin and ordered him to to raid a force of Arabs who had entered Tabaristan without leave. Shahin did so, inflicting heavy casualties and driving them out of Tabaristan. He returned to Gomishan and reported privately to The Dihqan who praised him. Also present was Pakor the Elder who also praised him. When Shahin grew boastful, The Dihqan indulged him but The Elder rebuked him and then described his own experiences as a young man. The Elder also described the Banner of Kaviyan which moved them both.[2]

After several weeks of brooding on the story, Shahin told The Dihqan that he wished to quest after the banner to use it to restore Persian glory. Pakor had misgivings but permitted him to go when Shahin continued to be adamant about it.[3]


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