This article is about the fictional conflict found in the Southern Victory series. For other uses, see Pacific War.

Pacific War
Timeline Southern Victory
Date 1932 to 1934
Location Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles
Result Inconclusive
34Stars.jpg United States Japan.jpg Japan
Commanders and leaders
34Stars.jpg Hosea Blackford
34Stars.jpg Herbert Hoover
Japan.jpg Hirohito

The Pacific War was fought between the United States and Japan from 1932-1934. It was a logical outgrowth of the aftermath of the Great War. The victorious United States had expanded its territorial holdings into the Pacific with the annexation of the Sandwich Islands. Japan, while aligned with the defeated Entente, had lost no territory, and was itself expanding its empire.

The war began in 1932 when the USS Remembrance intercepted a freighter of the west coast of Canada. The freighter proved to be a disguised Japanese ship supplying weapons to Canadian resistance fighters. A Japanese submersible accompanying the ship torpedoed the Remembrance, crippling the ship, but not before the Remembrance sank the submersible.

After a great deal of outrage from the American public, however, the Pacific War sank into a stalemate on the high-seas. Japan launched attacks on the Sandwich Islands, but made no sizable gains. However, the Japanese executed a successful air raid on the city of Los Angeles while President Hosea Blackford was visiting it on a campaign stop in late 1932. The war was ended early in 1934 by President Herbert Hoover.

The brief war accomplished little. Tensions between the United States and Japan were heightened further, and the two remained bitter enemies, but neither achieved any territorial gains. Domestically, the Pacific War was the final nail in the coffin of the troubled Blackford presidency. However, the inconclusiveness of the war damaged Hoover's presidency as well, fostering his image as a "do-nothing". The U.S. began earnest rearmament as a result of this war, although this seemed little consolation in the early days of the Second Great War, when the U.S and Japan again fought inconclusively.

One notable fact about the Pacific War is that it saw the first over-the-horizon naval battle.