Otto of Schlepsig
Fictional Character
Every Inch a King
Type of Appearance: Direct narrator
Nationality: Schlepsig (briefly King of Shqiperi)
Religion: Follower of the Two Prophets, preferring Eliphalet
Occupation: Actor, soldier, medic, acrobat, con man, monarch
Spouse: Käthe
Children: A son and two daughters
Affiliations: Schlepsigian Army, Hassocki Army, Dooger and Cark's Traveling Emporium of Marvels, Circus of Dr. Ola, various armies, circuses, carnivals, and other strange places

Otto of Schlepsig was a Schlepsigian man who traveled westward to do a stint in the army of the Hassockian Empire. He later returned to his native land and became a stage actor. This career was ended by an unpleasant occurrence, so Otto became an acrobat in numerous circus troupes traveling the continent, including Dooger and Cark's Traveling Emporium of Marvels. While with this outfit, Otto saw in a journal a picture of the Hassocki Prince Halim Eddin, who had been offered the crown of Shqiperi after the newest round of the Nekemte Wars. Halim Eddin was a near double for Otto, which gave him an idea. While the Prince was making up his mind on whether to meet with the Shipetari, Otto would impersonate the Prince and claim the crown himself.