Oswald of Northumbria
Historical Figure
Nationality: Northumbria
Date of Birth: c. 604
Date of Death: 642
Cause of Death: Killed in action
Religion: Christianity (convert from polytheism)
Occupation: Monarch, soldier
Parents: Æthelfrith of Northumbria;
Acha of Deira
Spouse: Kyneburga of Wessex
Children: Æthelwald, possibly others
Political Office(s): King of Northumbria
Fictional Appearances:
St. Oswald's Niche
by Laura Frankos

Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references

Oswald (Old English: Osuualde, c 604 – 5 August 642) was King of Northumbria (in northern England) from 634 until his death, and is venerated as a saint, of whom there was a particular cult in the Middle Ages.

Oswald was the son of Æthelfrith of Bernicia and came to rule after spending a period in exile. After defeating the British ruler Cadwallon ap Cadfan, Oswald brought the two Northumbrian kingdoms of Bernicia and Deira once again under a single ruler, and promoted the spread of Christianity in Northumbria. After eight years of rule, in which he was the most powerful ruler in Britain, Oswald was killed in the Battle of Maserfield. The main source of information on Oswald comes from the 8th-century historian Bede the Venerable, who regarded Oswald as a saintly king.

Oswald in St. Oswald's Niche[]

Relics associated with Saint Oswald, which may have included pieces of the monarch's mortal remains, were discovered by an archaeological expedition in 1991, at Oswald's namesake abbey in York. However, media attention regarding this find was muted, due to the sensational melodrama involving the relics of Archbishop Gerard found by the same expedition.

Royal offices
Preceded by
King of Bernicia
634 - 642
Succeeded by
Preceded by
King of Deira
633 - 642
Preceded by
Edwin of Northumbria
633 – 642