Fictional Character
The Sea Mother's Gift
Historical Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Indigenous Orcadians
Date of Birth: 1164 BC
Date of Death: 1160 BC
Cause of Death: "Fever" (possibly tuberculosis)
Parents: Dett and Jolpibb
Relatives: Fummirrul (brother);
Joloc (sister);
Rarpibb (sister)

Orrul, son of the rancher Dett in the Orkney Islands, was only four years old when the Day of Darkness occurred. At this time, Orrul became very ill with a fever. He died in the night just as his father was receiving a prophetic dream from the Seafolk. This was considered a significant omen, and Orrul's funeral was accompanied by a sacrifice of grain and venison to the Mother of the Sea, and intense prayers by the Mastersinger and Orrul's family.[1]


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