Or Even Eagle Flew  
Author Harry Turtledove
Cover artist Paul Guinan
Genre(s) Alternate History, Military Fiction
Publisher Prince of Cats Literary Productions
Publication date February 9, 2021 (e-book); February 11, 2021 (trade paperwork)

Or Even Eagle Flew is a novella by Harry Turtledove, published on February 9, 2021 in ebook format, and in trade paperback on February 11, 2021.[1] It is an alternate history in which Amelia Earhart did not vanish during her 1937 flight. Instead, she completed it, and became even more famous and influential in the United States and the world. The book begins in May, 1940, with A.E. (as she is called in the text) making her way to France to join the fight against Germany, in violation of U.S. neutrality laws. Eventually, she gets to the United Kingdom and joins the Eagle Squadrons of the Royal Air Force. The book covers the period May, 1940 through early 1943, including the Battle of Britain, as well as America's entry into the war in December, 1941. A.E. encounters and befriends the other Americans who flew with the RAF, including Shorty Keough, Andrew Mamedoff, and Red Tobin. She also encounters a number of key figures in the British government and military, most of whom are unenthusiastic about allowing a woman to join combat missions.

The title is derived from John Gillespie Magee Jr.'s iconic Battle of Britain poem "High Flight".