The Old Museum - 1830

The Altes Museum (German for Old Museum), is one of several internationally renowned museums on Museum Island in Berlin, Germany. Since restoration work in 1966, it houses the antique collection (Antikensammlung) of the Berlin State Museums. The museum was built between 1825 and 1828 by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel in the neoclassical style to house the Prussian Royal family's art collection. Until 1845, it was called the Royal Museum.

Old Museum in After the Downfall[]

In 1893, Herr Doktor Professor Maximilian Eugen von Heydekampf took the Omphalos from Zeus' temple in Delphi and brought it back to the Old Museum in Berlin. In April 1945, Captain Hasso Pemsel and the survivors of his company made a last stand against the advancing Soviets in the same museum.