Olav Larsen
Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"The Njuggle"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Scotland
Date of Birth: 19th Century

19th century

Occupation: Fisherman
Children: Unnamed daughter
Relatives: Rasmus Haruldsoun, unnamed deceased Haruldsoun brothers
Magnus, Donald and Johnnie (all grandsons)

Olav Larsen was a fisherman in Shetland. He lived with his daughter and her husband, Einar Haruldsoun, and their son, Rasmus. In 1875, an unexpected storm killed the Haruldsoun's two older sons, and left Larsen badly injured. While he was recuperating, young Rasmus stepped up to helps his father and his cousins with the fishing.[1] Olav was familiar with the old legends and folktales of Shetland. He frequently used good-luck stones while fishing. He'd even seen his childhood friend, Andrew Grott, killed by a Njuggle when it drowned him in Loch Brekkan.[2]

In 1876, after many months of recuperating, Olav was able to return to the ocean. While Rasmus enjoyed Olav's stories and indulged his superstitions, another of Olav's grandsons, Magnus had no use for them, and had actually enjoyed fishing more without Olav. Magnus' cousin, Rasmus, insisted that Olav deserved respect. Magnus' brother Johnnie boxed Magnus' ears when they were alone to insure Magnus was respectful.[3]

While Olav was quiet during the actual rowing, when the boat stopped and set out their nets, he became more talkative. At one point he insisted that he saw a Sifan in the distance. When Magnus scoffed, Olav told the story of Andrew Grott, a story they'd all heard many times. He even gave a charm to Rasmus to ward off the Njuggle if he ever came across it. When the story was done, Einar directed them to haul in the fish.[4]

It was a good season. In mid-July, in the face of a gathering storm, Einar ended the fishing trip early and ordered them to row back. The effort took much out of Olav. Hearing the old man cough, Rasmus' mother sent him to his Aunt Sinnie for cough liquor. Magnus joined him. On the next fishing trip, Magnus and Rasmus told him that they also had an encounter with the Njuggle, and were able to kill it with the help of the charm Olav gave Rasmus.[5]


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