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Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city of the state of Oklahoma. The county seat of Oklahoma County, the city ranks 27th among United States cities in population. The population grew following the 2010 Census, with the population estimated to have increased to 610,613 as of July 2013. As of 2013, the Oklahoma City metropolitan area had a population of 1,319,677, and the Oklahoma City-Shawnee Combined Statistical Area had a population of 1,390,835 residents, making it Oklahoma's largest metropolitan area.

Oklahoma City features one of the largest livestock markets in the world. Oil, natural gas, petroleum products and related industries are the largest sector of the local economy. The city is situated in the middle of an active oil field and oil derricks dot the capitol grounds.

Oklahoma City in Supervolcano[]

Vanessa Ferguson got away from her salvage crew in Kansas by going AWOL and ended up in Oklahoma City. The city seemed half dead and it took Ferguson a while to realize it was due to the damage done to the surrounding countryside by ash that affected the city's economy.

Ferguson used cash she had accumulated, both as pay for her work and money she had unofficially salvaged, to buy a used Toyota from a hard-up car dealership.[1] She then headed south on I-35 towards Texas with the intention of heading southwest on I-20 and west on I-10 back to Los Angeles.[2]


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