The Ohio River runs between Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois to the north, and Kentucky to the south. It begins in western Pennsylvania and flows through Pittsburgh.

Ohio River in The Disunited States of America[]

The Ohio River formed the border between rival nation-states Ohio and Virginia. A checkpoint stood dead center in the bridge that crossed the river. Beckie Royer and her grandmother Myrtle Bentley were taken over the border by Uncle Luke.

Ohio River in Southern Victory[]

The Ohio River traditionally formed the border between the United States and the Confederate States prior to the Great War, but became an exclusively U.S. river after Kentucky was readmitted to the Union in 1916. When Kentucky rejoined the Confederacy in 1941, the river again became a border, but the U.S. reconquered Kentucky in 1943 during the Second Great War.

The United States launched amphibious invasions across that river in 1881 (during the Second Mexican War), 1914, and 1943, the first of which quickly quagmired but the last two of which were extremely successful.

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