Ohio-Virginia War of 2097
Timeline The Disunited States of America
Date 2097
Location The Commonwealth of Virginia
Result Status quo ante bellum
Ohio Virginia
Commanders and leaders
Consul Pendleton

The Ohio-Virginia War of 2097 was the latest in a series of conflicts between the nation-states of Ohio and Virginia, in an alternate where the United States never adopted the Constitution and fell apart in the 19th century. The two states laid claim to the coal resources found on their respective borders, and so viewed the other as competition.

Prior to the outbreak of war, Ohio had armed the oppressed Negro population of Virginia. Virginia, in the meantime, contemplated shutting down its borders, alleging (correctly) that Ohio was importing bandits and terrorists into its neighbor. The War of 2097 began with a formal mutual declaration, followed by a brief period of inactivity. Ohio launched the first attack, releasing a tailored strain of measles into Virginia. With the state paralyzed under quarantine and people dying in the hospitals, Virginia Consul Pendleton vowed vengeance, ordering the Virginia Air Force (VAF) to bomb critical Ohio targets.

Ohio responded by using a fuel-air explosive against Parkersburg, the largest city near the Ohio-Virginia border. While the city was damaged, it was still functional. Hospitals in the city still cared for people who'd caught the measles. After a few weeks, Ohio launched an invasion of Virginia. Parkersburg fell quickly, as Virginia troops raced to meet the Ohioans. However, no sooner did the Virginia army reach Elizabeth than Negroes in the country's large cities launched an insurrection. The Virginian troops had to pull back, letting Ohio's forces move forward unobstructed.

However, the initial black rebellion proved tame and Virginia redeployed troops back into Elizabeth. After some days, soldiers began showing signs of the measles. Again, Virginia forces retreated, with losses due to the virus.

In nearby Charleston, the black uprising was violently winding down, with most fatalities occurring among the Negroes.

After a few weeks of actual fighting, a truce was called and Ohio forces withdrew from Virginia. Undercover Crosstime agents from the home timeline had a part in this result, secretly developing and shipping to the Virginians a medicine against the mutated disease, and trying to influence post-war Virginian politics to promote a bit better treatment of Blacks so as to prevent further rebellions.