Religion: Norse/Germanic pantheon
God of: Wisdom, Healing, Warfare, Death, Royalty (King of Asgard), Poetry, and numerous other attributes
Cause of Death: Eaten by a giant wolf during the Battle of Ragnarok
Parents: Borr and Besla
Spouse: Frigg
Children: Thor, Brunhild, numerous others
Relatives: Siegfried (grandson)
Fictional Appearances:
"The Old Grind"
by Laura Frankos

Fantasy set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct

Odin Alföðr (All-Father) is the King of Asgard, the land of the gods, in Norse and Germanic mythology. In some languages and dialects his name is rendered Wōden, Wōdan, Wuotan, or Wōtan. In surviving primary sources describing the Norse pantheon, Odin is described as a deity of wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet. Odin is depicted as one-eyed and long-bearded, frequently wielding a spear named Gungnir, and wearing a cloak and a broad hat. Accompanied by his animal companions and familiars, he frequently seeks greater knowledge, at times in disguise, makes wagers with his wife Frigg over the outcome of exploits, and takes part in both the creation of the world by way of slaying the primordial being Ymir and giving the gift of life to the first two humans (Ask and Embla). Odin has a particular association with Yule, and mankind's knowledge of both the runes and poetry is also attributed to him, giving Odin aspects of the culture hero. The valkyries are sent by Odin to harvest the souls of men killed in combat and bring them to the dining hall at Valhalla.

Odin in "The Old Grind"[]

In 911, Odin and his daughters the valkyries were conducting a routine harvest of Danish warrior souls at the Siege of Chartres. When it came time to return to Valhalla, Odin noticed that one of his daughters was missing her flying horse and had put on some weight, thus he took her home riding beside him on Sleipnir. On arriving home, his daughter Brynhild pointed out his mistake - confused by his visual impediment, Odin had picked up the giantess Fenia, who had been fighting on the Danish side. Brynhild declared that Fenia was not eligible to join the Valhalla staff, so Odin offered to take her to Jotunheim, where the frost giants lived. Fenia was tempted, but decided that she would feel inferior there, and would rather return home to Orkney. Fenia worried about her friend Rollo, whom she had left abruptly, but Odin assured her that Rollo would do well, and the land would be in his family for some time to come. Then he and Fenia mounted Sleipnir and flew to her Orkney home.[1]

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