Nuclear missiles are weapons which combine atomic warheads with powerful rockets.

Nuclear Missiles in In the Presence of Mine Enemies[]

The Greater German Reich made use of nuclear missiles in the form of "robot bombs" against the United States during the Third World War.

By 2010, both the Reich and its supposed ally, the Empire of Japan, had developed enough missiles to obliterate each other.

Nuclear Missiles in The Man With the Iron Heart[]

The possibility that Nazi Germany might obtain nuclear missiles was of grave concern to the Truman Administration, particularly as the German Freedom Front rose to fight the American occupation of Germany. The possibility intrigued GFF leader Reinhard Heydrich as well as his successor, Joachim Peiper.

Domestic opponents of the Truman Administration, including Mothers Against the Madness in Germany, viewed these concerns as mere scare-mongering.

Nuclear Missles in "Vilcabamba"[]

When the alien species known as Krolp began invading Earth, various countries attempted to fight back against them by using hydrogen-bomb tipped warheads. However, most were swatted out of the sky or shot down, and the ones that did hit Krolp ships did little to no damage.

Nuclear Missiles in Worldwar[]

Human powers developed nuclear missiles after the war with the Race ended. United States President Earl Warren used them to attack the Colonization Fleet upon its arrival in 1962. Both the Germans and the Race used them when those two powers went to war in 1965. In the 21st century, the Admiral Peary carried them to Home to discourage the Race from ordering the destruction of Earth, and the Race had their own weapons prepared to destroy the Peary.