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The Northwest Territories are one of the three territories in Canada. It is borded by Yukon to the west, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to the south, Nunavut to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. The territorial capital and largest city is Yellowknife.

Northwest Territories in Southern Victory[]

The Northwest Territories (along with the rest of Canada) were occupied by the United States after the Great War. This caused US holdings to have a long border with Russian Alaska during the Second Great War, however both terrains were so inhospitable that neither ever sought to invade the other.

Northwest Territories in The Two Georges[]

Baffin was a province in the North American Union. It, Banksia, and Hudsonia, were the northernmost Provinces of the NAU.

Confusingly, Baffin Island was not part of Baffin Province. Instead it was part of Hudsonia.

Literary Comment[]

The borders of Baffin are different from the OTL Northwest Territories. It is missing the southeastern section, which is part of Hudsonia. Baffin also includes OTL northwestern Nunavut and the King William and Victoria Islands.[1]


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