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North Dakota is both a Midwestern and Western state in the United States. It is the northernmost of the Great Plains states and is the northern half of The Dakotas. It is bordered by Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, Montana to the west, and by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the north. The state capital is Bismarck, and the largest city is Fargo.

During the 19th century, North Dakota was considered part of the Wild West. Formerly part of Dakota Territory (named after the Dakota tribe of Native Americans), North Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889.

North Dakota in Joe Steele[]

North Dakota was one of the remote locations to which President Joe Steele exiled dissidents and opponents during his second term.[1]

North Dakota in Supervolcano[]

Both North Dakota and South Dakota were ravaged by the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. Years after the eruption, the U.S. government passed New Homestead Act, hoping to revitalize the Dakotas, among other states.[2]

North Dakota in Worldwar[]

North Dakota was lightly aerial-bombed by the Race during their initial invasion in 1942, but was never invaded. With much of the area along the Mississippi River targeted or occupied by the Race, both North and South Dakota become part of a critical supply line between the east coast and the western half of the country.

The University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory passed through New Salem, North Dakota on their way to Denver.

North Dakota in The Two Georges[]

See Mississippi (The Two Georges), Ontario (The Two Georges), Washington (province)

Literary Comment[]

The area of the OTL North Dakota is divided up among the Provinces of the NAU as follows:[3]

  • Ontario: Includes northeastern portion along with all of OTL Manitoba and northwestern Minnesota.
  • Washington: Includes the western portion along with OTL Saskatchewan and northwestern South Dakota.

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