Nicole Williamson
Fictional Character
State of Jefferson
POD: Pre-history;
Relevant POD: 1919
Appearance(s): "Typecasting"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Species: Sasquatch
Date of Birth: c. 1958
Occupation: Student, actor
Parents: Bill and Louise Williamson
Relatives: Unnamed younger sister

Nicole Williamson (b. c. 1959) was the older daughter of Bill and Louise Williamson. Like her parents, Nicole was a sasquatch.

In the Spring of 1980, Nicole was a senior drama major at Jefferson State Ashland. Her father was the incumbent Governor of Jefferson. She was cast in a production of The Tempest as part of JSA's prestigious Shakespeare Festival. Unfortunately, the production's director, Reggie Pesky, who hailed from Pennsylvania, and wasn't familiar with sasquatches, became enchanted with the prospect of casting Nicole as Caliban, even though she was more than capable of playing Miranda. While Pesky knew how talented Nicole was, he couldn't resist casting a Caliban without make-up.

Nicole shared her frustration with her parents when they came to see her. Bill Williamson, who was disturbed by the typecasting Pesky was engaging in, used his position to get Nicole cast as Miranda. Nicole was brilliant in the role, a fact Reggie Pesky had to concede to her father.[1]


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