These characters are the immediate family, by blood, marriage, or adoption, of Nicole Gunther, the central POV of the novel Household Gods.


Gaylord was the Gunther family dog. In 1978, the year Nicole turned 13, he came down with sarcoma and had to be put down.[1]

Nicole GuntherEdit

See Nicole Gunther.

Mrs. and Mr. JohnsonEdit

One of Nicole Gunther's sisters was married to a man named Johnson. Like most of the Gunther family, they lived in Indiana.

Frank PerrinEdit

See Frank Perrin.

Justin PerrinEdit

See Justin Perrin.

Kimberley PerrinEdit

See Kimberley Perrin.

Dawn SoderstromEdit

See Dawn Soderstrom.


  1. Household Gods, p. 224-225.
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