These characters are the immediate family, by blood, marriage, or adoption, of Nicole Gunther, the central POV of the novel Household Gods.

Gaylord[edit | edit source]

Gaylord was the Gunther family dog. In 1978, the year Nicole turned 13, he came down with sarcoma and had to be put down.[1]

Nicole Gunther[edit | edit source]

See Nicole Gunther.

Mrs. and Mr. Johnson[edit | edit source]

One of Nicole Gunther's sisters was married to a man named Johnson. Like most of the Gunther family, they lived in Indiana.

Frank Perrin[edit | edit source]

See Frank Perrin.

Justin Perrin[edit | edit source]

See Justin Perrin.

Kimberley Perrin[edit | edit source]

See Kimberley Perrin.

Dawn Soderstrom[edit | edit source]

See Dawn Soderstrom.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Household Gods, p. 224-225.
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