Downtown Newport News-1-
Newport News is an independent city in Virginia. It is on the southwestern end of the Virginia Peninsula, on the north shore of the James River extending to its mouth at Hampton Roads.

Newport News in Southern VictoryEdit

Newport News was a city in the Confederate state of Virginia. In 1944, the United States used its first superbomb to destroy the city (which was an important C.S. Navy port) in a failed attempt to kill C.S. President Jake Featherston, who was, by luck, in nearby Portsmouth, issuing a radio broadcast bragging about the Confederate superbomb that had been detonated in Philadelphia just hours before.[1]

Newport News in The Disunited States of AmericaEdit

Newport News was one of the first Virginian cities hit by the measles virus Ohio released into the country during the Ohio-Virginia War of 2097.[2]


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