The New York Giants were a Major League Baseball team established in the 1880s. Originally called the "New York Gothams", the Giants won 14 pennants and five World Series during their time in New York City. The team moved to San Francisco in 1957, where they have remained since and were renamed the San Francisco Giants.

New York Giants in Joe Steele[]

As a consequence of the New York Giants' poor season, their manager John McGraw finally resigned after 30 years at the helm.

In the hours before an arson fire at the New York State Executive Mansion killed Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt in July 1932, reporter Mike Sullivan attended a minor league game between the New Haven Profs and the Albany Senators. Sullivan reflected on McGraw's recent resignation when he realized that the crowd at the game was probably larger than the ones attending New York Giants games.[1]

New York Giants in "Under Coogan's Bluff"[]

In 1905, John McGraw led the New York Giants in a game against the Los Angeles Angels, who were visiting from the year 2040.The Angels won, 3-0.[2]