New Marseille was a city on the west coast of United States of Atlantis. Originally a French settlement, New Marseille was taken by the British after the French and Spanish War. It became the capital of the State of New Marseille.

In 1776, New Marseille was occupied by a British army led by Lord Charles Cornwallis for a period before being recaptured by Atlanteans under Victor Radcliff. The British had ringed the city with well-sited fortifications and works; they evacuated the city on ships only when news of the outbreak of war with France reached them, as Cornwallis realized his army might be more needed elsewhere than the west coast of Atlantis.

In 1843, John James Audubon and Edward Harris had to stop in New Marseille to undergo customs inspection, even though they were destined for Avalon, a procedure that irritated both. Audubon became even more irate when he had to pay duty on the raw spirits he had in his luggage which he intended to use to preserve specimens.[1]

Nine years later, New Marseille became the epicenter of the Atlantean Servile Insurrection.


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