New Jersey is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It is bordered on the northeast by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania and on the southwest by Delaware. New Jersey lies largely within the sprawling metropolitan areas of New York City and Philadelphia. It is the most densely populated state in the United States.

New Jersey in The Guns of the SouthEdit

New Jerseyremained part of the Union during the Second American Revolution.

During the 1864 presidential election, it and neighboring Delaware were the only two states which Independent candidate George McClellan was able to carry in his unsuccessful bid for the presidency.[1] The state had seven electoral votes during the election.

New Jersey in The Hot WarEdit

The Tu-4 en route to drop an atom bomb on Philadelphia in May, 1952, instead crashed near New Egypt, New Jersey after the plane clipped something while flying low. The crash killed all 11 crewmen on board and, mercifully, the bomb did not detonate.[2]

New Jersey in The Man With the Iron HeartEdit

New Jersey was the home of Lou Weissberg, the Counter-Intellgence Corps officer who play a critical role in finding and killing German Freedom Front head Reinhard Heydrich.

New Jersey in Southern VictoryEdit

Bedloe Island between New Jersey and New York City was the home of the Statue of Remembrance.

President Upton Sinclair began his political career in New Jersey, though he was born in Maryland.

New Jersey in The Two GeorgesEdit

In the aftermath of the Seven Year' War, New Jersey was one of a number of colonies that chafed under unrepresentative direct British rule. However, a new arrangement was peacefully negotiated forming the North American Union. Thus, New Jersey was one of the oldest Provinces of the NAU.


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