New Hastings was the first settlement in Atlantis. It sat on the northeast coast of the continent. It was founded in 1452 by English fisherman Edward Radcliffe, his family, and various neighbors from the town of Hastings, England. These included farmers, tradesmen, and clergy. New Hastings played an important role in the history of Atlantis, serving as the first national capital of the United States of Atlantis until the mid-19th century.[1] It also gave its name to the State of New Hastings.

Earl of Warwick and the Battle of the Strand[]

The town existed peacefully for nearly 20 years. Radcliffe regularly ventured back to England for more supplies and citizens. His older son Henry, began exploring the continent by sailing around the coast, eventually discovering Avalon Bay and establishing the town of Avalon. Radcliffe's other son, Richard, moved into the interior of the continent, eventually crossing over the Green Ridge Mountains.

However, in 1470 the peace of New Hastings was shattered by the arrival of Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick. Warwick, a one-time ally of the House of York, helped secure the English throne for King Edward IV during the War of the Roses. Warwick then managed to anger Edward, who ordered Warwick into exile. Warwick had initially sought to land in Freetown, but instead wound up in New Hastings. He immediately asserted control over the town, allowing his soldiers free reign and dealing harshly with dissent. He was able to divide the loyalties of the town buying as many allies as he could.

Things came to a head when Warwick decided to tax New Hastings. Edward Radcliffe's son, Richard, attempted to ambush Warwick's soldiers as they came to tax Edward. The ambush went badly and the soldiers killed Edward in response. Richard and his brother Henry went into hiding until they were able to gather the town and give battle to Warwick's men. The Battle of the Strand ended with Warwick's defeat.

Provisional Capital[]

New Hastings was overshadowed by other settlements, most notably Stuart (later renamed Hanover). However, New Hastings regained prominence in Atlantean history when it became the provisional capital of the newly declared United States and the home of the Atlantean Assembly. Unfortunately, New Hastings soon fell to the British Army.