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The Viceroyalty of New Granada was the name to a Spanish colonial jurisdiction in northern South America, corresponding mainly to modern Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela. The territory corresponding to Panama was incorporated later in 1739. In addition to these core areas, the territory of the Viceroyalty of New Granada included Guyana, and parts of northwestern Brazil, northern Peru, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The Viceroyalty was plagued by native rebellions throughout much of its history. It in turn rebelled against Spain, achieving independence as a republic in 1822. As various other states seceded (the last being Panama in 1903), that republic gradually ceased to exist, leaving modern Colombia as a rump state.

New Granada in A Different Flesh[]

New Granada in the north and Argentina in the south were the only two successful colonies that Spain established in the New World.[1]

New Granada in The Two Georges[]

Nueva Granada was one of three large territories maintained by the Holy Alliance in South America.[2]

Coca leaf extract was grown in Nueva Granada and exported illegally. In 1995, a plot by the Sons of Liberty to flood New Liverpool with it was foiled.[3]


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