Nerve agents is a term that is broadly applied to various chemically complex poison gases.

Nerve Agents in Southern Victory[]

A series of nerve agents had already been developed by both the United States and the Confederate States by the time of the Second Great War. They were used extensively on the battlefield as well as in the Freedom Party's concentration camps as part of the Population Reduction.

Nerve Agents in Worldwar[]

Nerve agents had been developed by Germany for use in its concentration camps in World War II. In 1943, Germany and other Tosevite not-empires began using them against the Race. The Race did not respond in kind until the Race-German War of 1965, when it used nerve agents in Poland.

In 1944, Otto Skorzeny used nerve agents against Mordechai Anielewicz, Heinrich Jäger, and Ludmila Gorbunova when the three prevented him from destroying the city of Lodz with an explosive-metal bomb. Their actions helped preserve the Peace of Cairo, and forced Germany to recognize Poland as a Race territory.