Nels Jensen
Fictional Character
POD: Set in the future
Appearance(s): Eruption
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: Police Captain
Professional Affiliations: Torrance PD

Nels Jensen was a captain with the Torrance Police Department. He headed that department's investigation into the South Bay Strangler. One day he called Lt. Colin Ferguson of the San Atanasio PD to see if he had any luck going over DNA profiles in the hunt for the killer. Ferguson hadn't and Jensen admitted that the sergeant he had assigned the duty hadn't had any either.[1]

Ferguson thought Jensen was a glory hound who was out for self publicity and was tempted to answer no regardless but he, in fact, had been unsuccessful in finding a match. After he rung off, he mentioned the call to Sgt. Gabriel Sanchez who had the same low opinion of Jensen. Sanchez thought that if the Torrance sergeant had found anything, then Jensen would take the credit for himself.[2]

A few months after the supervolcano had erupted, Margot Keller was found strangled in her home in Torrance. Jensen called a meeting of Strangler investigators at his police HQ to announce that DNA samples matched that of the Strangler. Once more, the Strangler left no other evidence. After some frustrated discussion, Ferguson suggested that they investigate how the killer picked his victims. Did he check out churches, senior centers, Facebook? Both Jensen and Lt. Stu Ayers of the Palos Verdes PD thought it worth trying.[3]

After Ferguson got home, he turned on his TV to watch the news as he prepared his supper. He saw Capt. Jensen being interviewed and heard him say that it would be a good idea to "determine how the perpetrator targets his victims. Does he search for them in houses of worship, or at gatherings of senior citizens, or perhaps even by utilizing social-networking technology?" Ferguson nearly threw his dinner plate through the TV screen. Not only did Jensen steal his idea, he turned it into mind-numbing bureaucratese.[4]


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