Neil Michaels
Fictional Character
"Must and Shall"
POD: July 12, 1864
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: Early 1900s
Occupation: Federal Agent
Relatives: Unnamed sister

Neil Michaels (born between 1902 and 1906) was an FBS agent. He was a middle-sized man with dark-blond hair. When he wore a snap-brim fedora, he had the mild appearance of an accountant.

On August 11, 1942, Michaels arrived in New Orleans to lead an investigation into a possible uprising in the former Confederacy, armed by Germany. Michaels' contact, Pierre Ducange, was murdered prior to their appointed meeting time. Michaels was brought in for questioning. After explaining the situation, he worked with Morrie Harris to discover who was behind the uprising.

An anonymous phone call sent Michaels to the Original Absinthe House, where he received a lapdance from a young woman named Lucy, who directed Michaels to a hearse driver named Colquit Reynolds. The next day, Michaels and Harris called funeral homes throughout the city until they found Reynolds. Although he agreed to meet with Michaels, Reynolds stood Michaels up.

A few nights after Lucy gave the information to Michaels, the Original Absinthe House was destroyed by arson. Everyone inside at the time was killed, including Lucy.

After Reynolds stood Michaels up, Michaels and Harris tracked him to a small dive. The drunken Reynolds described hauling coffins full of weapons to the Girod Street Cemetery, where they were being stored in mausoleums. Facing off against a mob angry at the possiblity of the cemetery being disturbed, Reynolds and his federal troops broke into the mausoleums with tanks, and seized the weapons, averting the uprising.

Michaels was relieved that the U.S. could fight the tyrannical Axis without having to deal with a rebellion.